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Opened in 1995 at the Grimaldi State Law Office, Frank V. During this time, he created a reputation as an effective and efficient litigator for Probate Carts in eastern Massachusetts. We are proud of being a problem-solver who don't fear going on unnecessary paths.

Established in 1995


We believe that our work plays a role in helping people solve legal problems that arise in modern life. Legal questions are to be held accountable in our busy lives, but should not be dealt with by oneself. Our goal is to resume normalizing your life by lifting legal problems from your shoulders and placing them on us. Dell focuses on expertise by providing assistance and advice in two key areas: Relationships and financial issues The legal problems of relationships can take many forms. Specifically, our work focuses on the issue of the Court of Verification. Attorneys who reside in the Probate Court in the middle class, Suffolk and Norfolk County include guardianship, maintenance, contests, Elders, property planning, land inspections, divorce and family law.

Frank Grimaldi has carried out the Probate Law and Civil Procedure for 23 years since he graduated from the Faculty of Law at Northeastern University in 1994. He is a member of the Massachusetts bar. Divorce, Father, Guardianship, Maintenance,   It has a high reputation for supporting customers with a variety of sensitive issues such as real estate management and human injury. Frank focuses on lawsuits in Middle Sex, Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk and Boston District Courts and Advanced Courts.

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I've been a lawyer with Frank for years. He's doing great real estate planning and trust!

12/25/2020 01:16am