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Jeff's legal practice specializes in buying, selling and financing residential properties and mortgages across Massachusetts. Jeff owned and operated the first Boutique Real Estate Law Office in Wavern, Massachusetts before moving to Davis Square, Summerville in 2008. In 2012, Jeff merged the law practice with major companies and established a branch office at Harvard Square in Cambridge. Recently, Jeff has renewed his boutique practice and has provided the same level of care, service and integrity that customers know and expect. Jeff has been a real estate agent for more than 12 years, closing thousands of property transactions across Massachusetts and focusing on Cambridge, Summerville and the surrounding communities.

Established in 2004


The Shergel Law Office will help buyers, sellers, reassess sales and purchases, certificates, housing and apartments with regard to residential property trading. It also provides support for the needs of real estate planning, including will, trust, power of attorney, and medical agents.

Jeff grew up in Framingham, Massachusetts, went to college at Brandis University and became an honor student in history.   Then Jeff studied law at Hofstra Law School in Hempstead, New York. He was the editor of the  

Hofstra Law, and after a year of practicing the Residential Property Law in New York, he returned to the Boston District and carried out the Real Property Law in the Somerville Cambridge District.
<> After living in Cambridge and Somerville, Jeff lives in Winchester and is suffering from a cross-fit disease and lives with two daughters.

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My partner and I were introduced to Jeff Schagel by a real estate company working in the Cambridge/Summerville area. Jeff was a wonderful man to work with. He took time to answer our questions and (though more fair) destroyed his accusations and we were sure that we understood all aspects of the purchase of the apartment.

Jeff and Meghan were great to work together. They answered our questions, got P&A easily, and even during the vacation they refrained from closing with a difference in the six-hour time zone between us and Jeff.

Good work! #39&; Back!

12/25/2020 07:03pm



Jeff was wonderful. It is patient, responsive, and useful through what is a difficult experience. He first went with me to sell an apartment at Cambridge, and then went to buy an apartment at Summerville. Jeff spent a lot of time explaining this process, and a few hours later answered me, basically making the sales and purchase process much easier than before.  His fees were very low and all the documents were carefully reviewed (even finding important details that need to be changed before closing the purchase of a new house).
Note: Jeff and his wife/obligation partner Nicky (he is also great) is Ligris & I joined a company at. As you can find it at the company name.

12/30/2020 07:39pm



We recently moved overseas and decided to leave America and sell our house  This is Jeff Shargel' The end of the entire sales cycle by hand and the end of the transaction.  The situation itself was unusual, and trading was difficult because of the unusual land between the two parties and the unusual housing loan system.  Jeff managed everything in ~  Diligence, intelligence and communication surpass the levels everyone reasonably expects.  Despite thousands of miles away, we were always informed of the details of the sale to the end and of what is the best way.  Above all, Jeff worked hard for us from beginning to end.  I never use any other real estate lawyer and recommend him to anyone.

12/28/2020 11:59am



My wife and I used Schagel Row to sell our previous house in Cambridge, and then buy our current house in Winchester, and refie to take advantage of the high interest rates, and ' is more than the expectations of a real estate lawyer.  

Jeff Schagel is very good at explaining the purchase, sales, and refinancing process, so I never feel overwhelmed.  His assistant, Nicky, was good at making sure that the papers were in good order and that all the deadlines were met.  

You ' If you are on the market for real estate lawyers, I' Recommend them to you in a breath!

01/01/2021 12:17am



I' I am a father who has little or no real estate experience, history and general financial change, which somewhat changed my particular situation.
At any rate, neither Jeff nor Nicky Schagel thought it would be too much trouble.  They clearly explained the process steps I need to know for a patient and unfamiliar listener.   The fees are very reasonable and I will soon rehire them.

Great people!

I would also like to talk about Brian Lindmark at Sovereign Bank (Winchester Office). ... First "The Mangay Guy" I was very careful with But after I spoke to my friends at the Connecticut real estate agency with Schagel & #39 and Bryan Lindmark, I was impressed because he worked hard for me and made an incomparable effort for me.  I was very lucky to work with both:)


12/27/2020 04:25pm



Jeff and Nicky were very friendly, responsive and professional.  They worked wonderfully and walked all that we needed.  They can rely on any real estate transaction at very low rates.  They specialize in real estate and are highly recommended.

01/01/2021 11:41pm



My wife and I were very impressed by the service I received from Jeff and Nicky during the purchase process at home.   The law firm in Schagel was very systematic, efficient and learned.  Today, rarely, we can't find such a personalized service, and they made every effort to make our transactions smooth and easy.  

Anyone who is knowledgeable and looking for a professional real estate lawyer would recommend a law firm in Schagel.

12/31/2020 07:23am



This summer, I had a wonderful experience when I bought an apartment at Schagel's law firm. Jeff and Nicky have a wide range of experience in legal issues related to home sales, professional, knowledgeable and reliable. Understand the nature of real estate transactions that are sensitive to time, continue to communicate information to customers, and ensure peace of mind throughout the process.

As my conclusion approached, Jeff and Nicky updated the transaction documents and procedures almost daily. They spent time explaining the process in detail and answered my questions in a timely manner. In my opinion, this is a great choice for people who buy or sell houses. I' After working with other real estate lawyers, Schagel's law firm offered me the best service. I recommend them under the highest conditions possible.

12/26/2020 10:21am



We represented the sale of the house using Jeff Schagel.  He was very detailed in the process and patience, and we explained all the parts.  A few days before closing his wife, a wife is born and leaves home for a few days.  When Jeff found out in front of a notary that my wife needed to sign the format, he himself visited a house that notarized my wife and signed this format.  Jeff took this time and we were very moved and grateful.  Jeff provides a very high level of service overall and provides the most stress-free exit process possible.  I strongly recommend Sherger Law Firm.

12/27/2020 10:45am