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The DOUBLEDAY LAW started when neighbors needed help dealing with difficult tenants. That incident has been brought into practice. Now, lawyers are proud to help people who need legal representation. Double Day LAW helps you get hurt on a motorcycle, help you get out of debt, and buy a house.

Established in 2012


personal injury Real estate: Land use, authorization, and land ownership/lease law Consumer protection: debt defense, consumer goods breach Corporate Formation - Partnership Agreement, Formation, Compliance Litigation: Breach of Contract, Fraud Employment Law: Non-payment of wages

Frankly speaking, I like to put myself in a difficult situation and face people who need help.   Whether or not a group of tenants are helping to fight hard landlords and debt collectors, or to recover from someone's injury, I'm a lawyer and I enjoy it.

Martha's Vineyard and Cambridge Massachusetts  He is responsible for Trinity College graduation, community organizer, management development initiative for non-profit organizations, and low-cost housing development.
I set out, drank coffee, and my dog's " Stupid "
As a lawyer, I had the experience of helping my customers cope with difficult situations.

Arthur D.
business owner





Arthur, after being severely negligent or insulted by the former landlord, made me feel that he cherished and listened to me. His team negotiated with the previous landlord and was able to get exactly what we were asking for, but there is no more proof than he is told that he deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Thank you double day law.

01/02/2021 01:15am



He used to take advantage of Mr. Double Day's service, but he was amazing. He was always available when I needed him and helped him as much as he could. I can't recommend his service any higher.

12/30/2020 06:38am



He hired Arthur on issues related to the landlord and charges for illegal charges, but he was threatened when the landlord approached, so he never felt uneasy or dangerous at home. I am a young woman living alone, so I was a little scared. Arthur soon turned it all around, lost contact with him, and stopped his harassment of me. I returned home with peace of mind in a few days, not to mention two guarantees. I strongly recommend Arthur and Double Day Law.

12/31/2020 06:14am