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Her husband's bad ex-employer was driven into an unhappy position to require a lawyer for several employees eligible for unemployment benefits.  Some of the notices that a public hearing would be held shortly included proposals to call several law firms.  This was our first contact, and we had the good fortune to have a connection with Michael Mason.  The

law firm will charge a uniform fee, and if there is an appeal, it will pay a fixed discount fee.  Mr. Mason was very friendly and explained the process clearly.  He was calm, optimistic, and systematic, so much anxiety was removed from his experience.  It was like Casey Affleck, so I liked him too. My husband was impressed because he knew about the Scottish Premier League.

Corrigan, Bennett and Belfort's professionalism stood out on the day of the hearing, and Mason, who was ready and calm, confronted the company's lawyer.  Also, my experience at the Employment Counseling Center is one of the factors that will help us get a quick decision.  The next day - and until 2:30 the hearing was not over, so the mail sent me a notice that the company had to lose and maintain unemployment.  I was going to give the law firm five stars, but Mr. Mason told us that the particular judge usually only confirmed his skills, so it was fast to receive the notice.  

If you are in an unfortunate position to require an employment lawyer, I would definitely recommend this company.  The price is (relatively) affordable, straight, professional, experienced and gentle.

12/30/2020 01:11pm