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I solved the problem of the actual customer and learned immigration. First of all, I became a disciple of Paralegal. I worked for a small law firm, then a mid-sized company, and then a large one. Having gained knowledge and experience in this area, I realized that these linear employment options cannot support my ambition. So, I started a business where I entered a law school and provided legal services to immigration lawyers and law firms. Lawyers and law firms hired me to address all types of immigration applications, petitions, appeals, appeals, and legal research challenges. To succeed in the job, it was necessary to be better at the side of a parisian, rather than a lot of lawyers. This experience was the basis of my own practice of law.

Established in 2007


A global representative of all areas of employment and family-based immigration in front of the USCIS, US State Department, and US Labor Department. Personal, corporate, government and non-profit services. any type of non-immigrant visa Permanent residence across all employment categories. A permanent residence at the request of a relative. Work Recognition for permanent residents and temporary foreigners. exemption Employer audits and field surveys USCIS Service Center, local office, administrative appeal office, appeal against Foreign Trade Certification Committee We call for naturalization and complex claims on U.S. citizenship. He asked other Immigration lawyers and law offices throughout the country to become lawyers.

I moved from Russia and moved to the United States when I was 18 years old and could hardly speak English. After graduating from college, I entered a difficult immigration school, started a number of immigration support projects, and while working at freelance facilities at immigration offices and law offices throughout the country, I went to Suffolk Law School. From 2006 to 2007, I have been working privately as a immigration lawyer as the owner of the Albrecht Immigration Strategy (PC).

Jan A.
business owner





I contacted Jean with a question about the naturalization process of nationality. He was very sensitive and spoke to me over and over again. He was very detailed in the process, and answered my questions clearly, briefly, and thoroughly. It was fun to work with such a capable and well-natured person. I hope that all professionals will be able to exert their effects in January. I highly recommend his service.

01/03/2021 01:03am



The work in January was wonderful. He quickly responded to my message, got professional advice and offered follow-up. He is very patient and has a good understanding of the problem before his eyes. I strongly recommend using his service.

12/26/2020 09:23pm



Jan helped me to review my green card application documentation among colleagues. I was impressed by his professionalism and experience and he could explain all my questions in a non-technical way. I have a lot of experience talking to him and I will continue to work with him as necessary!

01/02/2021 06:16pm



So I could not use Jean's work completely, but I don't hesitate to contact him in the future.

Contact Jean about his wife's GC. I contacted him on the weekend, but I got a quick and recognizable reaction. The first consultation was not free, but it was risk-free, and my family friends helped me, so I couldn't get a detailed consultation. When I informed him of this in January, he gave me $250 in a few minutes.

Honesty is very rare today. I am very grateful for the detailed first response he sent me over the weekend and for the prompt response. This is the first time I've reached my lawyer, and I don't hesitate to contact Jean in the future.

12/30/2020 11:56pm



I contacted January about important questions about my father's green card process based on all Yelp reviews. At that time, since I was abroad, he came back to me within 24 hours and chose the opportunity to speak the next day. He gave us good advice to solve our dilemma. He knew the subtle points of the process, and was a very unique example of a particular question, and even when he did not know it, he was equally aware of the importance, but based on his experience, he gave his best opinion. The cost of the consultation is certainly worth it.

12/25/2020 09:45am



Just by looking at the Jan website, you can see that you know the contents of the immigration procedure, especially if everyone knows that the time is essential. In a year, January will work in both H1B and Green Card cases. He managed both cases with deep knowledge and expertise. Nothing was left to chance and my question was always answered immediately. In the future, we will contact you in January and process your citizenship application.

01/02/2021 05:22am



Jean Albrecht is wonderful. As a lawyer, I'm his candor, his depth of knowledge and professionalism...

He is unconventional, easy to speak, and has a sense of humor (without a jargon). The visa process is still early, but after I talk with him, I will see the way and proceed with confidence. I highly recommend it.

12/30/2020 07:01am



I started working in January in November 2011, and he was the best lawyer I've ever met in the US.  Jean is knowledgeable, professional and agile. Provides all the information you need to create legal documents and appointments.  There were some horrible situations, and Jean gave me the right advice through each.  

I have read the reviews of other customers, so I honestly agree with them all.  The best thing about Jean is that he doesn't want to be consulted about immigration anywhere else.

01/01/2021 11:24pm